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Third Generation Family Owned Farms

Located in the foothills of Himalayas

Our nutritionally rich produce is a result of finest farming efforts on fertile alluvial soils, inherited and progressively improvised by farmers on their own legacy farms for generations. We bring these absolute best quality farm and dairy products to your table 100% pure & fresh with centuries old organic farming practices!

No Preservatives

Farmistan's products are free of preservatives or additives of any kind

GMO Free

Farmistan products are free of growth hormones or GMO

No Pesticides

Our products are naturally grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals 

Free Range A2 Cows

A2 Sahiwal cows are fed organic fodder grown on our farms. 

No Industrial Processing

Farmistan products are never processed or altered at industrial facilities

Straight from the Farms

We ship products to your doorsteps directly from our farms!

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At Farmistan our objective is to empower our Indian farmers by helping improve their livelihoods as well as continue the sustainability practices that result in high quality food and dairy products. As our farm grown fresh products reach your table in its pure and nutritious state, it advances health not only of the body but also of the mind & spirit.  

Farmistan farms maintain a fine balance between sensibilities of traditional agriculture while leveraging modern Agri tech innovative practices. This ensures that food is grown virtually free of pesticides & chemicals with a zero waste farming approach while directly delivering it to our customers without any middlemen, processing, storage or adding any preservatives to the products. It helps our farmers fetch a decent living for their nutritionally rich vegetables, fruits and dairy products as well as invest further in sustainable farming practices 

Farmistan Organic Farms