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Our Origins

Graduating fresh out of school, Farmistan took shape in 2003 in Delhi NCR region while buying fresh produce at grocery store. Prices of these perishable goods were exorbitant in comparison to price we sell at our own family farms to distributors and traders. Farmistan was thus born to directly sell premium quality vegetables and fruits nutritionally grown in the foothills of Himalayan region.

After discussions with several legacy farmers in the foothills of Himalayas (Terai region), Farmistan’s vision was strengthened by their unanimous endorsement in creating a farm to table initiative by directly delivering quality farm products to consumers, fresh from the farms. Farmistan continues to produce as well as procure very high quality dairy, vegetables, spices, fruits, nuts & oil seeds from these niche community farmers that remain committed to growing excellent products. 

Our legacy farms follow hundreds of years old proven farming practices that are passed on from one generation to another. These Himalayan farming techniques have always been and continue to be sustainable, integrated and nearly free of pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals. Since inception in 2003, Farmistan has consistently delivered straight from farms best quality vegetables like tomatoes, onions, bell peppers to our loyal customers who continue to purchase from us for more than a decade now. We also sell various fruits like Lychee, Guavas grown either at our farms or from our more than 15 years old farmers co-op initiative which we proudly consider to be an extension of our family !

Meet Our Crew

We believe that great companies stem from visionary leaders and outstanding employees that strive to enhance the  reputation and global success of an organization  . With our fabulous staff running the show, we’re confident that you’ll get excellent quality products and the best service every time you shop at Farmistan's store. Learn more about our fabulous team below!

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Bhagwant Singh

Farmer & Founder, Farmistan

Bhagwant Singh is a third generation farmer within his family managing their 12 acre farmland in Uttarakhand for more than 50 years now. From growing certified organic products like mustard, guavas, litchi (lychee), sapotas (chiku), turmeric (haldi) and harad (haritaki) to A2 Bilona Ghee, Pure Himalayan Honey and other vegetables, Bhagwant manages the pesticide free farmlands, staff, cultivation practices, product quality and safety since the beginning.


He and his teams are a key part of assuring we provide premium quality farm & dairy products from our farms directly to your table without industrial processing, fillers and preservatives. He strives to ensure our clients receive fresh & highly nutritional products with top-notch customer service.

Gaurav Shah

Chief Executive Officer, Farmistan

Gaurav is an entrepreneur & an investor bringing in his delightful personality and 15+ years of successful experience in investments, and managing businesses.. Gaurav has built & scaled several startups in silicon valley across technology and renewable sciences space.


Gaurav serves on the jury board of accelerators and venture capital firms in US and Asia Pacific while advising to startups in AI, FinTech, EdTech, AgTech, Life Sciences, FMCG & Clean Tech sectors.


Gaurav holds Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from USC, Los Angeles and 6 approved patents in US PTO & PCT pertaining to Biofuels & Renewable Energy sector.

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